Differences in handmade or mechanical tea

Different types of tea will have different differences in craft tea or mechanical tea.

The higher the uniformity of the material, the higher the adaptability of mechanical tea making-asexual cutting cultivation, strong manual intervention (fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, etc.). The same batch of data picked together can be used in mechanical tea making Parameter settings. However, the seedlings of wild or weak artificial intervention (artificial weeding), because the growth environment and the tea tree itself are mutated, so that the material is not uniform at a high level. More abundant.

Said it was Tianji horse racing, because it was a question of talking about its own set of policies for comparison. The same is for hand-made tea / mechanical tea, which can also have different levels of internal differences.

Judging from the current experience, the biggest benefits of mechanical tea making are still in mass production. If the information is as good, the quality of hand-made tea is now due to mechanical tea making-pay attention to comparing the best of the two. There must be no logic games like horses vs. horses. With the advancement of technology, the interval between relying on mechanical tea and craft tea (the high level of comparison between the two) will be closer and closer. As to whether it can catch up or even leapfrog, it can only be confirmed by examples.

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