Maintenance method of tea processing machinery

With the rapid development of famous tea production, tea processing machinery has been widely used in wide tea areas. After the end of the tea season each year, it is necessary to do a good job of year-end protection and protection of various types of tea processing machinery, because this directly affects the performance of the machine itself, the length of life, and the smooth progress of tea production in the coming year.
I. Protection and repair of tea roller killing machine The roller killing machine is suitable for the successive killing operations of various green teas. There are two types of 30 and 40, and the heat source methods are coal or wood and electric heating. It is the most commonly used machine in tea processing. The key points of protection and repair are as follows:
1. Eliminate all the dirt on the conflict surface, especially clean the chain and sprocket, and fill the lubricant from the beginning.
2. If the chain is too loose, you can choose to adjust it by removing a few knots. If it is severely stretched, it should be replaced. Pay attention when adjusting and replacing the chain: the direction of the equipment of the spring card at the joint of the chain should be the same as the direction of operation of the chain, so as to avoid shocks, jumps, and even bumps during operation.

3. Remove and wash all the rolling bearings and fill with new grease. Calcium-sodium based grease can be selected.
4. After the components are revised, the whole machine is assembled, and the machine is turned on to check whether the machine operation is normal. Properly heat the drum, and put a small amount of special oil for frying tea to melt it to cover the inside and outside of the cylinder, and then block all power. If necessary, spray paint on the exterior of the machine, cover it with plastic paper after monotony, and keep the monotonous place.