How tea machinery prevents tea from getting wet

In today's society where our days are constantly advancing, the development of continuous use of production can also be better developed with the production of hotels, and the development of tea machinery can also be better developed. The better use of tea machinery will also make the use of production better. How does the tea machinery prevent the tea from getting wet?

Tea should be treated as soon as possible after it gets wet. The method is to dry the tea in an iron sieve or iron pot and bake it with gentle heat. Keep it cold.

Tea improper storage will be subject to temperature and moisture, and even mold. At this time, the sun must not be used for re-drying. The tea leaves after the sun will become bitter and difficult to drink, and the high-quality tea will also become low quality.

In order to produce better tea, faster production is needed for better production, and progress in production will make progress in production better. The above is the relevant content of tea machinery, I hope to help us.