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Tea storage

The storage of tea is determined based on the characteristics of the tea. Tea has strong adsorption, easy oxidation, and changes due to absorption of odor and moisture, and then reduces the value of drinking. After long-term practical research, we have summarized the "one condition, three attentions" principle for keeping tea:

One condition: to prevent the purchase of tea that looks beautiful but has a high water content under the condition that the purchased tea does not exceed the water content.

Three notes: ie

1. Watch out for light. Avoid exposing tea leaves to direct sunlight;

2. Pay attention to the seal. Tea storage should be sealed. Except for leisure time, generally check the tightness of the tea pot, reduce the contact between the tea and the air, and slow down the degree of tea oxidation;

3. Watch for cooling down. If the temperature is too high, the tea is easy to age, and modern homes can be sealed and stored in the refrigerator.

When you bring the XU You Tea to your home, consider the following loyal claims:

Large and small high-quality green teas can generally be stored in large and small tanks: take bulk tea leaves for about one week and put them in small pots; the remaining bulk tea leaves are put in larger pots; all are sealed in a refrigerator Room, temperature control is about 0 ℃ ~ 5 ℃. In this way, it is only necessary to take an appropriate amount of tea every other week into a small pot for drinking, which is convenient for daily drinking, and prevents frequent contact between the large pot of tea and the air, and oxidative transformation.

Oolong tea, black tea, scented tea, etc. are generally stored in sealed large and small tanks, and placed in a boring, odor-free room that is kept at about 15 ° C.

Of course, the above claims are only effective for the "Xuyou" brand products that have physical and chemical indicators such as moisture and ash and health indicators that meet domestic and international professional standards.