Talking about the problems that the tea dryer should pay attention to during the use

We all like to drink tea, but do we know? In the series of tea from picking to drying and packaging, do you have to experience? When the tea is drying, we are using What problems should we pay attention to during the process? Let us briefly talk about them today.

1. As the tea dryer itself is iron. Therefore, the temperature will continue to rise during the drying process. However, if the temperature is too high, the baking of the tea is also unfavorable. Therefore, when the temperature of the dryer is too high, it is necessary to stop working, and continue to work when the temperature falls below the normal temperature scale.

2. In addition, we also need to pay attention to whether there is a blockage in the exhaust pipe of the dryer, because once the blockage occurs, the temperature will also increase. At the same time, the dryer will reduce its operating life due to its high temperature.

3. The quality of a tea depends on its taste, and this step of baking is to a large extent affecting the taste of the tea.